Discovering Bari with MarinoBus

General information on Bari

Bari is one of the largest cities in southern Italy. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, its roots lay in centuries of history. The city has an articulated story that, over the years, has given it a vast cultural and artistic heritage. Several absolute architectural jewels are the Basilica of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral of San Sabino, true masterpieces of the Romanesque style of the Puglia region. Due to the relics of St. Nicholas, the city has always been the meeting point for East and West, becoming one of the main points of reference for Christianity, as well as a place where the Catholic and Orthodox religions meet.


Largo Sorrentino
70121 Bari


A tour of Bari definitely begins with a walk through the historical center, better known as Bari Vecchia - Old Bari, a labyrinth of alleys, medieval churches, and historic buildings. The center is easily accessible from the Marino bus stops, located in the heart of the city. Do not miss a visit to the Norman Swabian Castle and the Bari Underground tour, which will take you towards discovering its unknown architecture and mosaics. A stroll through the new part of the city - the Murattiano district - will allow you to admire the urbanistic rationality of the 19th century design, and experience the atmosphere of the city.