Discovering Ferrara with MarinoBus

General information on Ferrara

The county seat of the homonymous province of the Emilia-Romagna region and an ancient university campus, Ferrara received the UNESCO World Heritage site title in 1995 as a Renaissance city. Among the rarities of the city goes an important note of merit towards the respect it has for the environment: Ferrara is one of the few Italian cities where geothermal energy is used for the production of hot water and heat for the city’s district heating system.
This city, which was part of the Court of Este, is full of interesting sites to see, starting from the house of Ludovico Ariosto:
the poet of Orlando Furioso - Raging Roland – who lived in Ferrara the last years of his life. There is also the Estense Castle that dominates the city center, as well as its religious buildings, all worth a visit. You cannot leave Ferrara without visiting the ghetto, the area of the city where the Jewish community resides, or seeing Via Mazzini, at n. 95, the building of the Synagogues. Do not miss the Palazzo dei Diamanti - the Diamond Palace - built at the end of the 1400s and named after the diamonds found on the rusticated marble.


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