Discovering Florence with MarinoBus

General information on Florence

In order to describe the beauty of the Tuscan capital, just imagine walking through the city between the 1400s and 1500s, you could meet Brunelleschi, Donatello, Michelangelo, Lorenzo the Magnificent, and Savonarola. An important university city and UNESCO world heritage site, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance and is universally recognized as one of the cradles of art and architecture, also renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thanks to its many monuments and museums, including the Duomo, Santa Croce, the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, and Palazzo Pitti.


Villa Costanza, A1 - Autostrada del Sole
c/o Parcheggio Villa Costanza
50018 Scandicci - Florence


Starting from the Marino bus stop, in Piazzale Montelungo, Florence has a wealth of choices to visit. You can walk on foot and discover its exceptional heritage. Walking along Via Valfonda, all the way to the end, you’ll reach the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. Then, in the heart of the city, in front of Santa Maria del Fiore, which everyone calls the Duomo, stands the Dome of Brunelleschi, the tallest building in the city. The Basilica of Santa Croce is a wonderful place where you can find an invaluable patrimony, which includes the tomb of Michelangelo, “protected” by three sculptures representing Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture.
An experience of this magnitude can be lived out by contemplating the Ponte Vecchio, one of the symbols of the city and one of the most photographed in the world, as well as the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Uffizi Gallery, an invaluable collection of works of art.