Discovering Genoa with MarinoBus

General information on Genoa

Since the use of a car in the capital of the Liguria region is not recommended, a stroll to discover its wonders is the best solution to spend some pleasant hours in this city. Its historical center, considered the largest in Europe, develops through its characteristic caruggi - narrow alleyways - and among palaces and courtyards of the 1100s, forming a complex labyrinth where you may also risk getting lost. Some of the enchanting streets of Genoa are mentioned in the songs of the Italian singer-songwriter, Fabrizio De Andrè, such as Via del Campo. Just as suggestive are the names of the alleyways that derive from the craftsmen workshops that were located there. Therefore, between Vico degli Orefici - Goldsmith’s Alley, and Vico dei Fabbri – Blacksmith’s Alley, you can continue your stroll through the ancient part of the city that, in the evening, also becomes the heart of its nightlife.


Piazza Vittoria
16100 Genoa