Discovering Lecce with MarinoBus

General information on Lecce

Lecce is a people-oriented city and a city of fine arts. Lecce has ancient Messapic origins and is a magical place, where the archaeological ruins of its Roman domination blend with the richness and exuberance of the typical 17th-century Baroque, and with the churches and buildings of the city, built In Lecce stone: a malleable limestone, very suitable for being worked with a chisel. County seat of the Salento, Lecce is also called “the Florence of the South”. It is a world full of rites, traditions, and monuments to visit, surrounded by the beauty of ancient stone. The streets of the historical center offer interesting attractions for tourists who want to live the experience of one of the most beautiful cities in the Puglia region and university students looking to have some fun.


Foro Boario
c/o parcheggio Autobus
73100 Lecce


Starting from the Foro Boario, the Marino bus parking area, you can quickly reach the historical center. A walk along the perimeter of the Carlo V Castle will take you to the Humanistic Center of the University of Salento, and then a miracle appears before your eyes.
After crossing Porta Napoli, you will be fascinated by unique monuments, from the Santa Croce Basilica to Palazzo dei Celestini, passing through the Greek churches spread here and there, and the Carlo V Castle, without forgetting the various museums: the Sigismondo Castromediano, the Papier-mâché museum, and the Diocesan museum. A separate mention goes to the scenarios that open up before you in Piazza Sant’Oronzo and Piazza Duomo: the first dominated by the statue of the patron saint - 29 meters tall - surrounded by the Sedile or Palace of the Seggio, the Church of S. Maria della Grazia, and the Chapel of San Marco, while in the second Piazza, holding rank to the spectacular panorama, there is the Cathedral, but also the Palazzo del Seminario - Palace of the Seminary, the Bell Tower, and the Bishopric.