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General information on Siena

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995, the historic center of Siena is universally recognized for its historical and artistic wealth, as well as for the substantial stylistic unity of its medieval urban furnishings. The heart of the city is the famous Piazza del Campo, one of the most beautiful squares in the world, with its unique shell shape, where the famous Palio is held, one of the most important events for all of Siena. Among the places to visit: the Palazzo Pubblico and the Torre del Mangia - from which you can enjoy spectacular views, at a height of 88 meters - the Duomo, with its floor full of esoteric symbols and religious stories, and the Civic Museum that contains one of the most famous allegories of the world: that of the Bad and Good Government, painted on the walls by Ambrogio Lorenzetti.


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