Discovering Verona with MarinoBus

General information on Verona

Famous worldwide as the city where Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy took place, Verona has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its urban structure and architecture. With its artistic elements belonging to various periods, it is an exceptional example of the concept of a fortified city constructed in several stages, determinants of European history. While visiting Verona, several monuments will leave you breathless: starting from Piazza Bra, the pulsating heart of Verona, immense and majestic with its famous Arena in the center and, just a few steps from Piazza delle Erbe, strolling along Via Cappello, one of the prettiest streets of the city, you’ll find yourself in front of Juliet’s famous home. Then, looking up to the sky, you can admire the Tower of the Lamberti, 84 meters tall and, finally, to contemplate the Adige river, you can cross the Scaligero Bridge, adjacent to Castelvecchio, built with the red bricks that were typical of medieval Verona.


Viale G. Cardinale
angolo Via A. Palladio
Lane Bus 148
37121 Verona