How to pay tickets through the SISAL payment service

Tickets booked online at this site, or at +39 0803112335, can be paid at any of the 20,000 SISAL payment locations in cash, at no extra charge, and conveniently close to home.

Book your selected trip in one of the following manners:

• by calling our call center: +39 0803112335 daily from 8am to 9pm

• directly online at the following link – Book and pay with SISAL

For more details on online purchases, see the Sisal purchasing guide

Booking Code (PNR)

You will receive a booking code (PNR), which you must save and keep until payment is made.

If you book online, you can directly print the booking memo page containing the complete travel details and the PNR code.

You can book up to 2 hours before departure.

Booking validity

Your booking is temporarily valid until final confirmation that involves paying the ticket at any SISAL payment location, which must be completed no later than two hours before the departure time and, however, within 24 Hours from the time of booking.

SISAL payment

At the SISAL payment location you choose to pay through, you will only need to report the PNR booking code. The operator will input that code into the terminal and provide you with a preliminary receipt with the information provided.

Upon confirmation of the accuracy of the information, you will agree for the payment transaction to be completed, which will end with your receiving a payment receipt.

Keep your receipt!

The payment receipt must be kept so that it may be presented to the on-board personnel at the time of travel, as proof of payment.

Therefore, this receipt must be carefully preserved, since a refund, or the validation of replacement tickets is not provided if the receipt is lost, stolen, ruined, or other.

There are no additional charges involved when using the SISAL payment service.